Home Remedies On How To Get Rid Of Ringworm Fast

The term “Ringworm” is derived from the raised and circular manifestation of the infection itself and really not due to being brought about by a worm lying under your skin. It is essentially a fungal infection which does not just infect the skin only, but could in addition infect your scalp, toe and finger nails.

Ringworm is brought about a variety of fungi, referred to as dermatophytes. These fungi thrive on keratin, a necessary body protein found on your skin, hair and nails. As fungi does best in environments that are humid and moist, the most likely places where you will locate the fungal attacks are within your skin creases and folds such as your armpits, the groin area, inner thighs and in between your toes and fingers.

Is it Contagious?

This is a highly contagious and very common fungal infection, easy to catch although occasionally quite challenging to deal with and eliminate. It has the power of spreading from animal to person, person to person as well as soil to person or animal or person.

A person may opt to go for a home remedy to get rid of ringworm:
• The possible embarrassment of asking for medication at the drug store.

• Prescription treatments received over the counter possibly contain chemicals with potential undesirable side effects.

• Medications are quite expensive, especially antifungal ringworm medications.

• Sometimes the creams may take several weeks or a couple of months to have the infection fully cleared.

Home remedies often just contain natural ingredients already available at home.

Hazards of self medicating

Possibilities are high that once you have previously been positively diagnosed as having the infection, odds are high that it has resurfaced again and you ought to be in a position of being able to accurately identify it. Keep in mind that there are also several types of skin infections having similar symptoms to the ringworm infection.

The only sure way of correctly diagnosing the infection is by visiting the doctor. It is only medical personnel who can positively identify the symptoms of the infection and recommend the most suitable treatment course for you. From there, you can decide if you wish to try a doctor’s prescription, get over the counter medication or go for your own home remedy for the ringworm infection. You will be dealing with what you know at least. Self diagnosis and prescription can be dangerous.

How To Rid Of Ringworm

essential oils in bottlesMost of the common natural treatments for ringworm have to be applied a couple of times daily for at least 10 days to 2 weeks. In the course of that period, if the rash becomes any bigger in area, or you experience some other unusual symptoms stop the home medication and consult a doctor immediately. It is possible you could be allergic to the substances you are using.

Garlic: It has for many years been employed to cure and manage a very broad assortment of ailments because it contains strong antiseptic properties. Peel and mash the garlic into a paste, then have the paste massaged into your fungal infected body parts. It is recommended that you leave the paste on overnight perhaps using a plaster to keep it in place and avoid having it wiped off by your night clothes or bedding.

Vinegar and Salt

Create a paste of these two items and have it rubbed to the infected body areas. After about 15 to 20 minutes, have the paste washed off and thoroughly dry the area. Have the procedure repeated 2 to 3 times daily.


As part of the multipurpose ginger family, this very special spice is very effective as a ringworm home remedy. Make a liquid or a paste from raw turmeric and have it applied to your infected areas.

Apple Cider Vinegar

It’s got several antifungal properties and makes a top natural and home remedy treatment for ringworm. Make use of a cotton swab or ball for dabbing the apple cider vinegar onto your infected body area three to five times daily. In addition, you also could dilute the vinegar and drink it to boost in the fungal infection removal.

Tea Tree Oil

This special oil is used globally by millions for the removal of lots of body infections. Employing a clean cotton pad, apply a 50-50 oil and water mixture into your body areas that are infected 4-5 times daily. You also could have the pad taped onto your infected skin part and have the mixture being reapplied during the whole day.


This is a natural anti fungal and antiseptic resin that may be used in treating ringworm. Create Myrrh and water paste and have it applied it to your infected area between 2 and 3 times daily.


Have the papaya peeled and then have the sliced fruit rubbed into your infected parts of the body. Alternatively, grind the papaya seeds and mix this with your peeled fruit to create a thick paste which you then massage into your affected areas.

Aloe Vera

aloe veraThis widely used home remedy appears to make an excellent ringworm natural home remedy and also for a very broad assortment of other skin related complaints. Have the Aloe Vera oil administered on to your infection body area until you see the illness fading.

Mustard Seeds

Grind the seeds and make a paste using water and then gently rub the paste over the affected area. Have the paste remain for about one to two hours on your skin before you wash it off. Have the process repeated 3 – 4 times daily until you see the skin rash clearing.

Lavender Oilapple cider vinegar

This is an additional natural treatment for ringworm which may be directly administered on to the body parts that are infected. Lavender oil has been proven to have strong antiseptic, anti fungal and anti-inflammatory properties.

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